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Will Zalatoris Doesn't Have Time For 'Instagram Morons' Trying To Tell Him What's Wrong With His Putting

Will Zalatoris is the biggest loser on the PGA Tour and I mean that as a compliment. He has three 2nd place finishes in a major over the last two years. He's been top-6 in all 3 so far this year. He was a putt away from forcing a playoff yesterday. I know he has a weird putting stroke. I know it's the worst part of his game. But he's right. People on Instagram really think they have the answers for one of the best pro golfers in the world? Meanwhile they are out with a '90' - loosely - on a Saturday course. 

This is why golf Twitter, social media and even to a degree people are the worst. Everyone has a fix for your swing. It makes me laugh, but if I was a pro it would drive me crazy. I'm not a pro though, I'm just a guy who loves to play and happened to win a member-member last week (I'll never stop bragging about that). So sure give me tips about how my hips aren't moving enough or my right shoulder is dropping, whatever. But Will Zalatoris? He should go crazy on anyone saying something to him. 

I'm all in on Will Zalatoris. Not because he's good or a Wake guy. But because he'll say something like this. Golfers tend to keep their cool - except Grayson Murray. They tend to be boring interviews and robots to a degree. Not Will Zalatoris. Bonus points for dropping wrist flexion. Hilarious.

I mean look at how close this putt was: 

Yeah, I think Zalatoris is going to be just fine and win a couple of majors here