Notre Dame Offered Me A Football Scholarship Last Week And I Told Them To Pound Sand

Last week, Chief and I swung down to South Bend, Indiana to interview the greatest man on earth, Hawk Harrelson. While we were out there, we hit up Tommy Rees, ND's offensive coordinator, who Chief has become friends with over the years. I've met him a handful of times as well via Danny Weishar, who's brother was a TE at ND a few years back and we do a ton of work with. 

Anyways, everyone knows I hate ND. On my Mt. Rushmore of hatred it goes Cubs, Packers, ND and Yankees. That said, because I've gotten to know a few ND guys like Nic Weishar, Tommy, Alex Bars and a few others on a little bit on a personal level, I know how good of dudes they are and that makes it a LOT more difficult to hate them. I still hope ND loses every single time they take the gridiron and that's why I had to politely decline Tommy's offer to come play QB for them this fall after he saw my rifle of an arm. 

Another note: walking into their facilities and seeing all of the Heisman trophies, national championship trophies, all Americans, etc. was really, really fucking cool. As a huge college football fan, it's hard not to be enamored with their history 

Still... F Notre Dame. Go wildcats forever and always.

Also had the KFC radio crew in town. I love how many people from the NYC office go out of their way to come out to Chicago to make #content with us now. Rone and that little Twink Tommy Smokes are out here filming stuff too. 

KFC Radio has their live show at Park West tomorrow night at Clark and Armitage. Pretty awesome spot. My dad used to hang out with John Prine there back in the early 80s. That doesn't have much to do with anything but John Prine was the GOAT so I thought I'd throw that in there. There are about 40 tickets left to sell so if you're in town, come and check them out

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