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I'm Very Jealous Of This Guy Who Built An Elaborate Eel Pit Under His House

3 months ago a Cincinnati man moved into a new house with a basement perfect for holding water. Like any rational human being he decided to make it an Eel Pit. A man's home is his castle, and like medieval kings had moats, this king wants an Eel pit.

For months people have been following this guy's plans for the Eel pit, and finally after months of turning a rain water cistern into an adequate habitat, tik tokker cowturtle is almost ready for eels. 

Now as an amateur zoologist, Eels were an interesting choice for the rainwater cistern pit. Looking at his set up I feel like Alligators or crocodiles would be worth the investment with all the space. Feeding them would be expensive and hard but for all the effort put in, I was at first not sure if Eels are worth it. 

So these eels finally came and now I get the allure of this guy. These things are water puppies. Eat straight from your hand and are way more interactive than your average fish.

I am down a rabbit hole of unboxing videos for animals. It is worth checking out.

I want eels now. The eel life looks addictive. 

The biggest Eel is named Crunchwrap supreme, while the smallest is Bathtub, and it's crazy he can tell the rest apart. 

The Eels seem very happy in their new home. The water looks super clean and the whole thriving ecosystem he has built with multiple organisms seems extremely self-sustainable. I think he does not even have to feed them due to the breeding population of smaller fish to sustain the Eel population.