HISTORY: The Houston Astros Just Threw Two Immaculate Innings In The Same Game Against The Same Three Rangers Hitters

Immaculate innings are cool and rare enough to be recognized, there I said it! They're not appreciated enough probably because you don't realize it's happening until it's over and it's only a one inning thing, but they fascinate me. Well today the Houston Astros immaculate inning'd the Rangers not once....


It's the first time in baseball history this has ever happened. Even crazier? It was the same three Rangers hitters who struck out. Nathaniel Lowe, Ezequiel Duran, and Brad Miller just getting bullied at the plate. Absolutely zero interest in working counts or putting up a fight at the dish. Maton's inning came on nine consecutive fastballs clocking in at 92 or slower, granted he does have some real nice action to that pitch. 

You see a lot of crazy shit in sports on a weekly basis, but I can definitively tell you that this is the only time this will ever happen.