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This Truck Has Too Many Tires

First off, I respect the blue collar community and realize that some people absolutely have a need for a vehicle like this. If you're hauling debris in construction or have a horse trailer or things like that, I totally understand. That being said, this is the burbs and there is just a six-wheeled beast on the loose. Not towing or hauling anything. Just taking up 1.25 lanes for no reason. Why would this person have this car? And if they go to the grocery store, how many spots are they taking up?

I'm imagining something like this could take place:

And while certainly not a regular occurrence, if they're new or not familiar with driving a vehicle of that width, it could be an issue. We discussed that and much more on today's Yak. Watch the full episode here and be sure to subscribe to the Barstool Yak YouTube channel.