The Winklevoss Twins Can't Sing For Shit, But Credit To Them For Trying Anyway

The Winklevoss twins have been getting dunked on rather thoroughly on the internet lately with this video coming out from their...gig(?) with their cover band Mars Junction. 

These guys are billionaires so I doubt they really give a shit about what anybody on Twitter has to say. Pretty sweet perk that comes along with having unlimited money. But still, there's nobody who can sit there with a straight face and tell you this performance didn't suck ass. These guys choosing to performance "Don't Stop Believing" is the same type of irrational confidence that is typically only found in a crowded bar filled with hundreds of drunken 20-somethings at 2am.

Am I going to pile on and hate on the Winklevoss twins just because the boys love to rock despite being horrendous at it? No I'm not. Still takes some guts to get up there on stage in front of a crowd of people, and I'll give them credit for that. Having 3 commas in your bank account certainly helps, but still. They want to have fun and play in their little band? Let people have fun and enjoy things. 

With that being said...let this be a lesson not only to the Winklevoss twins, but to everybody else out there that doesn't have a lick of talent when it comes to singing. Whenever you're doing any sort of performing--whether it's in some bizarre cover band or just karaoke--you have to go for the low risk songs. Those low risk songs with a massive sweet spot needs to be where you live. You can't choose Journey because you're not Steve Perry. You can't choose Rage Against The Machine because you're not Zack de la Rocha. 

Just stick with the songs you know you can't fuck up because you don't have the range for them. You wanna get crazy with some "Mr. Brightside"? Knock yourself out. Want to really get the party started with "Wagon Wheel"? Nobody will ever even realize you actually suck. "Hey Ya"? It gets the people going. You just need the slightest bit of self awareness to realize you can't hit the same notes as Steve Perry because if you could, you wouldn't be playing in a cover band. $1200 for voice lessons a week can only buy you so much range.