Jalen Hurts Has Clearly Been Working On His Arm Strength This Offseason, Leads The League In GAINZ

Mitchell Leff. Getty Images.

Jalen Hurts out here looking yoked out of his mind. Typically I'd be opposed to people curling in the squat racks. But I legitimately don't think you can load up a regular curl bar with enough weight for Jalen Hurts. And when you're dealing with a guy whose warmup weight is 585lbs for squatting…

I think he can do whatever the heck he damn well pleases in the squat rack. If that means he wants to superset with some curls, then by all means go ahead. 

They typically say curls are for the girls. But Jalen Hurts isn't loading up these python arms for any lucky ladies out in the Philadelphia area. He's got some of the hottest, nastiest, bad ass speed in the league to get the ball to this season. He has to launch the ball 75 yards downfield to keep up with DeVonta Smith this year. He has to launch the ball 75 yards down to keep up with AJ Brown this year. He has to launch the ball at least 100 yards downfield to keep up with Devon Allen this year. 

Considering my quarterback is looking like a power hitter in the 90s, I don't think he'll have any issue letting that thing fly. 


O-line still great. Most jacked quarterback in the game. Lethal receivers all over the place. Birds might just be a wagon this year, folks.