Turns Out The Marlins 90-Minute Team Meeting Was Because Everyone On The Team Hates Jazz Chisholm

$ Remember that? Probably not so here's a refresher - the Marlins were rumored to have a very serious 90 minute meeting earlier this week. People we're saying to fade the Marlins and they're firing Mattingly and blah blah blah. Basically just cancel the Marlins and their +20 run differential against a 25-30 record. 

Anyways the Marlins are 3-0 since they sat down and talked. People everywhere were wondering if it was Mattingly moving to the hot seat and getting in front of shit. Others said Mattingly just wanted to get the team focused for a big June to climb into the wild card conversation. There's compelling arguments basically any way you look at it, and not one of them even remotely tried to suggest this: 

Seems like pretty tight reporting so let's not waste time on validity. I'd rather just say how it's bullshit the Marlins underperform so much but yet still find the requisite time/courage to confront quite literally the best position player on the team. Especially with the age of that clubhouse. Almost two-thirds of the plate appearances come from guys over 32+ and not one of those assholes deserves to point a finger at Jazz. 

Unless of course he really is a miserable, selfish, awful person. Then in that case you still don't host a meeting just to drag one of your teammates. Call it personal preference but I just find that to be in poor, short-sided taste. If you're Jazz Chisholm then just tell everyone to suck your balls. You can definitely get away with it. 

Anyways we really like the Marlins on Starting9 because they're so talented. It's only a matter of time where they break out and go on a nasty run. Since the team meeting they're 3-0 so that's nice, but I think the run can get longer. They definitely have the pitching and now they have a bonafide superstar in Jazz Chisholm. My advice? Keep the guy happy and start worrying about the competition OUTSIDE the clubhouse. 

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