This Old Video Of A Sopranos Softball Event For Charity Is Guaranteed To Make You Smile

How in sam hell have I never seen this? Watching the whole gang play some Softball for a good cause is the most joyous 2 minutes I've seen in my life in quite sometime! It begins with the late, great Frank Vincent (never forgive the Oscars for not putting him in the in-memorium the year he passed away) talking about potentially whacking people which is precisely how you'd envision any Sopranos video to go. The queen Edie Falco then ran out ready to snag some flies before Shirippa & Imperioli were announced as the wonderful men that put the event together. 

And OBVIOUSLY the star of the show was one Tony Sirico somehow knowing the lady doing the interview's ex-boyfriend and then dropping a legendary line on whether or not Paulie survives the season. Ha ha ha ha. It's hard to find someone that's more of an alpha than Tony Sirico. On top of that we get many, many more folks but just what a great nostalgic for all Sopranos fans out there. Granted I know I didn't watch live yet still very cool to see and what an absolute THROWBACK for us New Yorkers seeing the WB11 logo. It's been CW since I can remember!