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LeBron Talking About Playing With The Warriors Makes Me Want To Throw Up, Swallow It And Throw Up Again

I don't care if he was asked what team he'd want to play for. This quote right here? This is why people can't stand LeBron. Just come out with something. Say you can't imagine playing for either of those teams since both were considered a rival at some point. The Warriors prevented you from winning titles. The Celtics/Cavs/Heat series have been talked about for quite some time. 

Oh and I'm sure LeBron would *love* to get into a pissing match with Draymond and be cussed out. This man couldn't handle teammates pushing him but he can handle Draymond? This isn't the Olympics. This isn't a short term thing. You're playing 82 games and then the playoffs with this group. LeBron and Draymond would be at each other's throats within 30 games. 

This just goes back to LeBron though. All he had to do here was say 'fuck that, no team. I'm a Laker.' Simple solution! Guess what? People would actually respect that answer. People would actually give him credit for saying that. Instead he talks about wanting to play with the Warriors and people are going to run with that. It's so simple man. Just don't say you want to play with the best franchise of the last decade. The fact that this was even a question is nauseating.