This Year's World Cup Is Already A Bizarre Disaster, So FIFA Is Apparently Going To Add Robot Linesmen To It Too

[Source] - FIFA is expected to confirm next week that it is on track to introduce "robo linesmen" at the 2022 World Cup.

World chiefs are keen to introduce the “semi automated offside” system for their global showpiece which starts in November. The system uses 10 cameras to track 29 body points of each player.

And with all the signs that the technology does work, bringing far quicker offside calls than under the current VAR line-led system, world chiefs are due to give a positive update at Monday’s delayed annual general meeting of the Law-making International FA Board.

Sure, why the fuck not? Nothing about this World Cup makes sense because of how corrupt FIFA is, so let's add some robot linesmen to the fold while we're at it. Get completely weird with it. If we're being honest, I sort of hate that this is default now. Living in 2022 is cool and all but part of me misses the old days. The days when people hated refs with a passion and there was no other decision. Before we even dreamt of putting robots out there and just prayed that a dad didn't pick up a house phone or that you could get online while someone was on the phone. The good old days some may say. 

Now it's not exactly a secret that some shit has to change with VAR, offsides and all that. I'm sure something that has only been used once will go swimmingly, especially on the world's biggest stage. I don't know, call me crazy, but maybe try this stuff out for like Nations League or friendlies or anything else first. And yeah, offsides needs to be called faster. There's nothing worse than seeing a play develop only for a good 15 second delayed offside call. 

I have plenty of questions though. What happens if a camera goes out? What if there's a glitch? What happens if there's a wrong call? Assuming we're using robots, it better be 99.9% accuracy if not 100%. We're eliminating the human element right? These are all questions that I need answers on before I see a Christian Pulisic goal called back and I lose my mind. 

I don't care what actually happens in this World Cup because it's going to be the weirdest one by far. Fucking Qatar.