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Tom Brady's Niece, Maya Brady, Just Launched 2 Bombs In The College World Series To Upset The Best Softball Team Of All Time

Listen I'm not going to act like I'm an NCAA softball expert. But being a fan of sports in general, I am faintly aware of Oklahoma softball being pretty much the best team ever. They are outscoring opponents 539 to 59 on the season, with a mere 40 wins by mercy rule. In fact, after a quick Google search, the Chicago Sun Times published an article yesterday saying Oklahoma softball is the best college team ever, in any sport.

That was until Tom Brady's niece, Maya Brady, got a hold of them this afternoon.

2-4, 2 HR, 5 RBI in the biggest game of her career. The clutch gene in that family is unreal.And now we've got a rematch about to start right now, with the winner heading to the College World Series championship.

Okay that's enough college softball for today.

However if you have twenty more seconds, take look at the cannon on this girl: