The Celtics Just Got Their Ass Kicked In Game 2 And They Deserved Every Bit Of It

Thearon W. Henderson. Getty Images.

WOOF. Well that certainly was not exactly what we were all hoping for. The Celts were in this game for the first 24 minutes, which basically was playing out exactly like Game 1 only with way more officiating being involved. But like the first game, it was close at the break. The Celts played around with their food like you hoped they wouldn't with 11 turnovers leading to 18 Warriors points, and unfortunately for them they never shook that bad habit. Once the 3rd quarter started, for the second game in a row the Celts completely got their ass kicked. I'm talking about some of the worst basketball you could physically witness. They simply cannot do this

in an NBA Finals game and think that's going to work out well for you. Just look at that! What's so bizarre about this issue to start this series is the Celts were a great 3rd quarter team basically all season. They had the 6th best 3rd quarter offense, #1 3rd quarter defense, and the #2 3rd quarter net rating during the year. Shit, even in the playoffs they have the 2nd best defense and 1st overall net rating in the 3rd quarter. And yet, for some reason they completely shit their pants….again. This time in the NBA Finals. They even cut a 12 point deficit down to 6, only to give up an immediate 8-0 run and that was that. The rout was on. 

It's just very frustrating to see them throw away the golden opportunity that they had not only entering today, but entering the second half. All you had to do was not play like assholes, and they fell into those bad habits. It's the same story with every loss. In this one, 19 TOs has led to 33 points. Does that sound familiar? The Celts did the same shit against the Heat. When this team takes care of the ball, they are nearly impossible to beat. When they are unserious with the basketball and turn it over, they die. When you do that shit against Steph Curry, what the hell do you think is going to happen? An ass kicking like tonight.

The good news is, the mission of this trip was to split. Mission accomplished. You can lose by a billion. or by 1, it's the same L. The Celts still return home with homecourt advantage and technically do not need to win another road game to win the NBA title. They just need to handle their own business. The team that hasn't lost 2 games in a row in 5 months now has the biggest game of their season on Wednesday. You know the Warriors are going to be feeling good, that's why tonight was so important. You gave them life and now you have to pay that price. 

While it's unrealistic to think the Celts were going to win both of these games, it was on the table. All they had to do was execute, and they did the exact opposite. Frustrating, but not the end of the world. But now comes the hard part which is stopping the bleeding and protecting your home floor. Do that, and you'll be fine.

See everyone in the morning, it's going to be ugly.