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If You Haven't Whipped Out Your Dick To Piss On Your Brother, In The Middle Of A Brawl Aboard An Airplane, Don't Tell Me You've Been In A Fight

The Sun - This is the shocking moment cops dragged a Jet2 passenger off a plane after he is said to have “urinated on his brother” and taken part in a “full fist fight”.

Alfie and Kenneth Springthorpe were issued with a £50,000 fine by the airline after the flight from London Stansted Airport to Crete, Greece, on May 3.

The Jet2 pilot was forced to divert the flight to Corfu to evict the brothers from the flight after they allegedly fought with each other mid-flight.

One passenger said that flight staff found one and a half empty bottles of Ciroc Vodka underneath the seats where the disruptive duo were sitting.

The incident resulted in over 200 passengers having their holiday delayed by more than three hours and 45 minutes.

Many passengers were also left stranded in Crete for an extra day, with Jet2 having to provide hotels.

Jet2 released a statement about the incident on their website last month, saying: “Jet2.com has issued a bill for more than £50,000 to a pair of disruptive brothers, alongside a lifetime ban, after their aggressive and violent behaviour led to a flight having to be diverted last week.

The holidaymaker who captured the footage  shared the video on TIkTok on June 1, writing: “Jet2 flight fight after one drunken brother piss on the other cos he’s too drunk to walk to toilets.

Couple of things here to unpack.

1- are we talking nips of Ciroc? Or liters? If we're talking nips then get fucked. If we're talking liters than one and a half bottles of booze for a 5 hour flight will definitely get you sideways enough that you'll want to give your baby brother a golden shower.

We've all been there. 

Let the first man who hasn't cast the first stone.

“About two and a half hours into the flight I was waiting to go to the toilet and the older brother stood up but was so drunk he couldn’t stand, he needed the loo but in his drunken state peed over the younger brother who then hit him resulting in a full fist fight.

“The woman in the seat in front was holding a baby and was hit so we all moved her away and the brothers were separated.

“The cabin crew called for male passengers to come and assist by sitting around them.

“They continued shouting abuse at each other and we were then diverted to Corfu where the Greek police boarded.

“The younger brother and mum left the flight and the older brother was handcuffed and dragged from the plane as he refused to leave and could not stand.

“We then waited three and a half hours to take off again whilst the head cabin crew went to the police station to give a statement, the mum got back on the plane and continued the flight.

“The younger brother just kept saying ‘he pissed on me what I was supposed to do’ and was quite upset and apologetic.

“Once they were off the flight a second bottle of Ciroc was found half empty.”

2- we've GOT to start setting examples for animals like this that think it's okay to act like fucking idiots aboard planes. Especially in the air. Air travel went from being so unaffordable and luxurious that only the wealthy and celebrities could even consider it, to being cheaper than taking Megabus.

With that affordability and low barrier to entry has come every crackhead, trailer trash, mouth breather on the planet who can't wait to take their 400 lb, jort wearing, ass down to Mejico to live lavishly getting waited on hand and foot, eating the best tacos and fajitas they've ever had in their life (even better than Chilli's) at an all-inclusive resort, getting third-degree sunburned all week, before returning home to their double-wide with a "Build The Wall" sign in their front yard.


So air travel has morphed into the modern-day wild wild west today. Given how sharp the IQ's are on the average TSA agents, it's a miracle one of these dirtbags hasn't sneaked something dangerous aboard yet and seriously injured somebody. 

Subjecting other people to not only having to witness this bullshit, but also break it up, and then have their plans completely derailed because of it is infuriating. And has no place in a civilized society.

I'm no authority, but man, the minute I saw a grown man pull out his dick and start pissing on another grown man (who happened to be his brother) is the minute I am opening up the emergency exit door and throwing both those sons of a bitch out that thing like that weird little fuck's Moon Door in Game of Thrones

I'll tell you what. The first time that happens and that shit goes viral, you won't hear so much as a peep on flights from there on out. It will be nothing but excuse me sir, thank you mam, no sir, no thank you mam's from now until the cows come home. 

But sadly I STILL don't think it will stop the heathens from standing up and rushing the aisle when the plane lands.

Back to the brothers though for a minute.

Something tells me this isn't the first time big bro has whipped out his pecker and peed in public. It takes a certain type of drunken degenerate to have the courage, total disregard, (and no stage fright) to do it. Just an absolute savage. This is the kind of scumbag who pulls his pants down and pees against a bar because he's too drunk and lazy to go stand in line for the bathroom.

Something also tells me these two aren't going to bury this hatchet so easily. 

If Dave still had his fastball he'd put his hounds on this case to hunt these two down and get them on the main bill for the next Rough n Rowdy. 

The 30 for 30 lead up to the fight alone would be worth its weight in gold.

"What if I told you, a story of two brothers. They say blood is thicker than water. But is it thicker than piss? There's only one way to find out. Tune in to watch Alfie and Kenneth Springthorpe settle things once and for all. No headgear! Live from the fight capital of the world, Branson, Missouri at Rough n Rowdy 18!


p.s. - gun to your head, one guess which city these two drunks were flying from or to tell me you're not going with London. You can't.