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MJF Cut The Greatest Promo Of His Life Last Night

Professional wrestling is at its best when the storylines in the ring and reality start blending into each other - and that's exactly what we have here. Much like CM Punk's Pimebomb in 2011, where he coined the term, MJF was given a live microphone to air his real life grievances on AEW Dynamite last night - and he did exactly that.

MJF has been unhappy at AEW for months due to a perceived lack of respect from the company/Tony Khan. He's watching tons of new free agent signings come in, most of which are ex-WWE guys making more than him, and it drives him up a wall. As he said in this promo, he's the #2 minute-to-minute ratings draw in the company - but isn't paid like it.

Everything we heard from MJF in that ring seemed to line up with the reports that have been coming outta the dirtsheets for a while now and wasn't exactly "breaking news", but the emotion behind it, ending with a "FIRE ME, YOU FUCKING MARK!" at Tony on live television truly made it an all time promo. You could feel it in the moment while it was happening. 

MJF's old rival CM Punk tried to walk out and talk some sense into him afterwards, when AEW went to commercial break, but Max immediately walked out through the crowd.

This right here is why people love wrestling. Does MJF really want Tony to fire him? Have they worked something out to where they'll move forward with this as the storyline? Where does reality stop and storyline start? Every wrestling news site and their mothers insist this is real, or at the very least, started off real. We'll have to wait and see how it unfolds from here.

I don't know if it's gonna be Tony Khan or Vince McMahon, but somebody is gonna have to pay MJF what he's worth.