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Four Teams Remain In The Quest To Be The Top Trivia Team! (The Dozen: Tournament II - Final Four Preview)

The Dozen: Trivia Tournament II presented by High Noon is back tonight with the Final Four! We have 10-seed UPTOWN BALLS vs. 11-seed ZITI first, followed by the an old rivarly with 1-seed FRANK & THE FRANKETTES vs. 5-seed THE EXPERTS.

With the Final Four ahead, we enlisted one of our producers, Tyler Goochman, to break down the matchups by the numbers and why each team may win, or lose. Enjoy!


10-UPTOWN BALLS (Regular Season Stats):
- 6–3–2 Team Record
- 11.67 Points Per Match
- 3.33 Points Per Match
- 55% Niche Success Rate
- Tommy (5.89 PPM)
- Glenny (5.11 PPM)
- Smitty (4.56 PPM) 

11-ZITI (Regular Season Stats):
- 4–5–0 Team Record
- 10.14 Points Per Match
- 2.00 Steals Per Match
- 43% Niche Success Rate
- Clem (4.71 PPM)
- Eddie (3.71 PPM)
- Dave (3.33 PPM) 

Why Uptown Balls will win: If Uptown Balls put up their average amount of points, they have a great shot at winning as Ziti likely doesn’t have the offensive firepower to keep up. Their only enemy can really be themselves.  

Why Ziti will win: They are the only team to take down two Top 6 seeds and are now technically facing their lowest-ranked opponent of the tournament. For Ziti, winning the Bonus and Niche Rounds are crucial, and more than anything, they need it to be a rock fight with hard questions because we saw Ziti try to keep up with Uptown Balls in a high-scoring affair during last season’s play-in game, and they couldn’t do it.  

Why Uptown Balls will lose: There is something about playing against Dave that has people off their A-game, and with the regular chaos Uptown Balls usually deals with, adding Dave to the equation could lead to the biggest Balls meltdown ever seen.  

Why Ziti will lose: Lack of points. Clem, Eddie, and Dave have a lot of heart and team chemistry, but they don’t have the pure trivia knowledge the Uptown Balls do.  


1-FRANK & THE FRANKETTES (Regular Season Stats):
- 17–6–0 Team Record
- 10.86 Points Per Match
- 2.67 Steals Per Match
- 41% Niche Success Rate
- Brandon (5.65 PPM)
- PFT (4.91 PPM)
- Fran (4.52 PPM)

5-THE EXPERTS (Regular Season Stats):
- 10–1–0 Team Record
- 13.27 Points Per Match
- 1.82 Steals Per Match
- 67% Niche Success Rate
- Nick (5.09 PPM)
- Frank (4.27 PPM)
- KB (3.32 PPM)

Why Frank & The Frankettes will win: They lost their first-ever game as a trio to The Experts and have gone on to beat them seven straight times since, including multiple blow-outs. It is not just the Frankettes are good at trivia; it’s that they mostly keep a mostly calm demeanor (in part to Nick's steady captainship). In their Hollywood match, The Experts started up 6–2, and the end result was a 14–10 Frankettes win.  

Why The Experts will win: If Fran can sweep Celebrity Mashup, the Frankettes miss their Niche, the Experts win the Bonus Round, and an NBA answer is randomly the Orlando Magic for PFT, The Experts can finally exorcise their demons and beat the Frankettes. They could not beat the Yak for the longest time, and then Steven Cheah served them Mike Tolbert on a silver platter. Anything can happen.  

Why Frank & The Frankettes will lose: Nobody would have ever bet on Ziti or XYZ beating them before; never underestimate anyone. The Experts might be due one after the constant shellacking the Frankettes have given them. Sometimes in trivia, you get the wrong questions at the wrong moment. A blueprint for a Frankettes loss is them losing the Bonus and missing their Niche. It is difficult for any team to win when that happens.  

Why The Experts will lose: They have lost seven times in a row to the Frankettes. Why not make it eight? 



The Dozen: Trivia Tournament II presented by High Noon airs again tonight, with doubleheaders Monday through Thursday starting at 7|6c, and lasting through June 2nd!