"He's Built For The Fastball Only" - How To Pitch Ben Mintz According To Jake Arrieta

Just a wholesome moment from today's Starting 9 show with Jake breaking down Mintzy's hacks at the SEC tournament. Obviously not the kindest remarks in the film room but same time you don't watch tape to feel good. You watch tape to get better and that's what we're focused on heading into Omaha 2022. 

Yes, we're making a return voyage.

Although I don't believe/strongly hope with every burning desire that it will not be a 2-week stay this time around. Turns out Brandon Walker will only grow the game if the Mississippi State Bulldogs can also grow his content portfolio. That's a clean shot Brandon and I know you respect it. I also know Illinois sucks at football but good comeback. We really are close friends. 

Not withstanding the SEC presence, we'll have the Starting 9 crew out there for a few days. I think I'm giving motivational speeches to Jake's 10-year-old son's team and then we're hoping to get some instructional time with the coaches. But other than that we should be hanging around the familiar places, growing the game and spreading whatever kinda cheer Mintzy wants to that particular occasion. There's nobody I'd rather canvas those hallowed grounds with than his crazy ass. Which reminds me. 

It feels so good to have faith in your crew. I don't care whatever crew we're talking about. Just knowing you're in something together with a solid crew of people. It could be a Friday night on the town. An early morning tee time or maybe a weekend trip to a lakehouse. Or maybe a trip to the College World Series to make some baseball content and have a good time. There's no greater sense of security than pure organic confidence to make moves with your crew. 

That's where my heads at just a couple weeks out from opening ceremonies. My dark horse to win it is Rutgers but I'm now just finding out that 45 wins does not get you in the tournament. I'll take Michigan & Maryland then out of the Big Ten. In the meantime somebody explain how 45 wins in New Jersey keeps you on the outside of college baseball? Absolutely fuckin tragic for the kids in Piscataway. 

TJ deserves better.

See you guys in Omaha. Go listen and subscribe to Starting 9 so it's not awkward when I ask for your favorite part of the show. Subscribe here.