Kit Harington Predicted The Red Bull Win Over Ferrari Yesterday Before The 2022 Monaco Grand Prix

Just like McGregor being on the paddock with Haas, here's another example of a collab I never knew I needed. The King in the North is team Red Bull! If you know anything about Jon Snow, you know he's always on the right side of history.

Pretty cool to see Kit Harington talking F1 and realizing not only does his brother work for Red Bull, but Kit loved karting as a kid. Maybe in an alternate universe Kit's the next Lewis Hamilton instead of the being known as the bastard of Winterfell. (Also, quick shoutout to my guy Ned Stark for taking that shit to the grave with him. Aegon Targaryen should've sat on the throne at the end of the show, but that's a blog for another day).

Prior to every grand prix, Martin Brundle's paddock interviews have been must-see TV. At the Miami Grand Prix, he thought this guy was Patrick Mahomes...


What a moment.

Out in Monaco this past weekend, he seemed more at home with his European peers. That's when he finds Kit Harington and opens up the F1 convo. Even though Martin brings up the point that Red Bull might have their hands full with Ferrari today, Kit quickly replies that the rain could change the outcome of the race. And what would you know, The King of the North was right! In the end, it was Red Bull and Sergio Perez that took home the victory in a chaos-filled Monaco Grand Prix.

PS - I'll always bend the knee for the rightful heir to the throne…

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