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Steve Smith Should Take Back His Joke About Joining The Giants Because This Video Confirms Wan'Dale Robinson Is Going To Be A Star

Am I going to overreact to Wan'Dale Robinson making this catch because he's a Kentucky guy who joined my favorite NFL team? Yes. But you have to understand I also haven't seen a Giants receiver make a catch for what seems like years. Also doesn't help I had to watch Evan Engram tip every ball leading to a pick. But this is also about Steve Smith who played with my emotions more than anyone ever. 

That ended up being a classic Steve Smith joke. Was pretty rude to Clem and I who exchanged texts being giddy only to be upset. It felt like texting him during the old days of the NBA Draft Lottery with the Knicks. Anywho, he should come join Wan'Dale. Look at those hands! 

I'm willing to overlook the somewhat of a duck and not perfect spiral. The ball got there. All counts the same on the box score

So yeah I'm going to overreact. It's a Friday in the summer. This is what we do here. Wan'Dale is electric and this is going to be 1 of roughly 5,310,501 highlights we post. I will not apologize.