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This Grandfather With Dementia Going to Man City's Title-Clinching Game Is the Coolest Thing You'll Watch Today

Sports rock.

Whether you care about soccer or sports at all, you can't watch that video and not smile. I thought I was going to tear up a little bit when the grandfather still knew all the songs and chants.

I think my favorite part was the fact he was actually pissed at halftime. It had been this amazing day with his grandson and then it was all going to be ruined because City couldn't keep pace with Aston Villa with the title on the line. Then he got to go from that to rushing the pitch after one of the most improbable comebacks you'll ever see. Absolute scenes.

This is why we love sports. Sure, many of us probably care too much and there are plenty of moments of pain. But then you see something like this and remember they're pretty awesome after all.