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A Crowd Of People Swarmed An Open House In Brooklyn That's Not Even That Nice, Because The Housing Market Is So Desperate

New York may be the greatest city in the world — but when it comes to finding a place to live there, it’s quickly becoming the worst.

A TikTok video, one that has gone viral with some 1.1 million views and nearly 93,000 likes, shows the crunch renters now face when hunting for a new apartment.

The clip shows an unidentified real estate agent trying to take a selfie with the dozens — yes, dozens — of applicants who showed up for a recent open house in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. There appear to be some 50 people gathered on the sidewalk outside of the building’s entrance — a crowd so large that not everyone appears to fit into the agent’s photo frame for the shot.

“New York!” quips one person caught in the scrum, while another one lets out a laugh.

LOL! That's New York City baby!

I'm one of the biggest NYC dick suckers in the game but even I have to admit this is getting so far out of hand, I'm starting to worry about my own future apartment search. I've been looking at apartments in and out of my price range, just to see what the hell is going on, and I'm MAYBE given 5 results every time. It's fucking brutal. I know lots of people have been struggling to find a place to live, and I'm going to continue blaming the fucking LOSERS who bailed on the city during COVID and caused a flood of people to swoop in and steal all of the good places, for cheap.

How to we even resolve this? Lower the rent all over the place? Find a middle ground between "2 bedroom for 3,000 during Covid" that's now going for 7 grand? I know everyone will come after me being like "duh, this is how inflation works, the democrats and the republicans are to blame" blah blah blah. Whatever. How about we just all take a step back and fucking relax about all this money? Like, can't we just print more? 

“NY real estate agent takes selfie with applicants for apartment because he’s ‘never seen this many people for an open house in 17 years,'” wrote the uploader, identified by the Independent as Sarah.

Viewers were quick to share their thoughts, very few of which were positive.

“This is actually so devastating,” wrote one, while another said, “I would [have] just walked away.” But the one that captures the essence most: “I am scared to start looking for a new place,” said another.

Renters on the hunt for a new apartment these days are faced with a brutal market — far from that of last spring, when a number of local renters snagged deals to live in upgraded units.

I agree with this quoted person, I also would have just walked away. In a group of 50 people, there's guaranteed one person who's willing to throw down whatever the fuck they need to secure a spot. Desperation wafts through these city streets, and we can all feel it. New York is always "alive," but right now it needs a fucking Xanax or something. This isn't the energy I signed up for - I signed up for fast walking, overpriced cocktails and ill-mannered passersby. I didn't sign up to fight tooth and nail over a 1 bedroom without a washer dryer in Greenpoint for 6500 dollars.