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A New Report Says The NFL Owners Are "Counting Votes" To See If They Can Get Dan Snyder Out Of The League

PFT - There’s plenty of smoke surrounding Washington Commanders owner Daniel Snyder. Even in the absence of the confirmed existence of an actual fire, the smoke is getting the attention of his partners.

As reported by Jarrett Bell of USA Today, one NFL owner said that the group is “counting votes” as to Snyder.

It would take 24 votes to get rid of him. Of course, that would be just the beginning, not the end. Snyder would surely fight hard to not be forced to sell his business. Although the various members of Club Oligarch accept the rules of life in the league, the antitrust violation that would come from 24 or more business owners forcing another business owner to sell his or her business is hiding in plain sight.

“There’s growing frustration about the Washington situation and not over one issue, but over how much smoke there is,” an unnamed owner told Bell. “I think everybody’s getting tired of it.”


Tick tock, motherfucker! Tick fucking tock! 

24 votes. If the report is true, we are 24 measly votes away from Dan Snyder being forced out of his ownership of our once proud Washington Football Commanders. Obviously the caveat is the votes aren't from normal, forward thinking humans, but instead from the billionaire owners of the other teams, which makes it a little more tricky. 

These guys all know each other's dirty laundry. They know Lil Dan Dan will play as dirty as possible. And if they vote him out, who would be next? How many scandalous emails from *other owners* would magically appear? It's a slippery slope for sure.

But on the other hand, Dan is costing them money every day. We, the fans, don't go to the home games any more. We don't buy merch. Top to bottom, no matter which way you look at it, Dan is bad for the league. He has lost the fanbase of a stadium that used to have 90,000 fans packed into it every Sunday. Now, it's about 40-50,000 and half of them support whoever we are playing that day. 

And possibly most importantly, he's a constant embarrassment to the league. Every 3 days there is another story that shows how big of a piece of shit he is. Literally since I've started writing about this team I don't believe a month has gone by without some sort of controversy. The other owners have to be sick of it. They just want to make their billions and not have to worry about 1 of the 32 people at their rich people party constantly shitting his pants. If 1 guy was always shitting his pants, wouldn't 24 others simply ask him to leave? It makes perfect sense to me.

So as always, "we shall see". I think I've typed the phrase "we shall see" more than any other phrase. Because the cycle seems to go "bad thing happens" -> "write a blog about it" -> "we shall see" -> "nothing changes" -> "next bad thing happens". But one day, oh baby Jesus I believe it, one day something will happen. I believe it deep down in my plums and up top in my brain. He can't keep getting away with this for the rest of eternity. At some point something will happen and Dan Dan will no longer own our team. One timeeeeeee, get those 24 votes, one freaking time.