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Aaron Judge And Aaron Boone Crying And Complaining About The New Left Field Wall Dimensions In Camden Yards May Be The Lamest Thing I've Ever Seen

So last night the Orioles did what they usually do, give up home runs to the Yankees. But one hit that wasn't a home run is the one that everyone is talking about. Aaron Judge got a meatball put on a plate for him to munch on from Spencer Watkins and drove it a long way. Deep into left field, the only problem is this isn't 2021. The ball bounces off the wall and eventually Austin Hays chases it down and throws out Judge at third. No big deal, just bounced off the new wall that the Orioles pushed way back. Why did the Orioles decide to push their wall back and raise it? Because the pitchers gave up too many home runs, so they pushed it back to help even the playing field and keep some of those balls in the park. If something isn't working for you team and you can change it, you should do that, right? Apparently the Yankees don't think so.

So after the game Judge decided to come off like a huge cry baby, like a legit child. "I'm pretty upset." You know what, hit the ball to center then, and that is what he did for 2 homers. Crying and complaining because the Orioles pushed the wall back literally because of him and Vlad is hilarious, it's actually funny. This guy is 6'11 and can hit the ball a mile but he's complaining. Sorry the Orioles didn't want to keep playing in a slow pitch softball field, which the Yankees still do. Not all teams want to play 81 games in a sandbox, but apparently that's okay for the Yankees. The quote was so insane I thought I got got by Ballsack Sports. I thought I was getting punked. One of the best players in baseball complaining because a team changed dimensions to cut down on home runs and we saw it happen with our own 2 eyes. Gone are the days where you can pop a cheap one out in left in Baltimore, that is only reserved for New York and their goofy short porch now. 

And how is Boone saying this when again, the Yankees literally play in a glorified LLWS park? And the worst part about all of this? The Yankees still won! Judge hit 2 bombs! And they're still crying and complaining. Dude you're the AL MVP right now on pace for over 60 homers, think you'll be okay. Maybe don't dog it out of the box when you think you hit a homer and you wouldn't have got chucked out at third. I just can't wrap my mind around a team complaining about another park's dimensions when you in fact play in a park that has false dimensions and should probably move a wall back or two. 

And as you can see, the wall did it's job. Wild that a guy as good as Judge is pouting a wall. Kept the ball in, that is what Mike Elias and the Orioles front office envisioned when they bumped the wall back. Orioles have had a few guys put one over the new wall this season, why can't Judge? What an insufferable combo between those two. I was a fan of the wall before this, but now the fact that it's making Judge and Boone throw tantrums even after they won makes it is much better. Looks like the wall owns a ton of real estate in Judge's brain. Now I can't wait for him to hit one 15 rows the wall tonight. Laugh out loud funny quotes by these 2 cry babies. Don't want to get robbed? Hit it harder and higher next time, bud.