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Anthony Rendon Hit The Pettiest Home Run In Baseball Going Full 'Stranger Style'

Big night for lefties on the West coast, and not just because it was PETA's annual SoCal Vegan Fundraiser Dinner, folks, ha ha. We're talkin' Anaheim Angels. 

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Southpaw Rookie Reid Detmers pitched a no-hitter in what was only his 11th career start, and Anthony Rendon knocked one outta the park batting left handed for the first time ever in his major league career. 

And why was Rendon doing that? Well… according to Twitter, who I was only slightly (very) ashamed to ask, he was just batting that way for fun since they were up by so much, and he probably didn't anticipate any action from it. That's neat, but I choose to believe it was pure pettiness & he knew exactly what he was doing. The Rays were stinking it up so bad that Rendon was straight up goofin' on em. "Tampa Bay Rays? More like Tampered Blue Ray (DVD)s - totally useless & obsolete," he thought as he approached the plate, bat in left hand, ready to homer.


Ah, the stranger. That I know.

And speaking of what I know, which is clearly not much, a pitch is definitely way too slow when even I take notice of it on my own. I realize that at that point the Rays were just saving arm power, and I'm not trying to take anything away from Rendon, but I'm almost 99% confident most people watching that game could have also hit a home run off of it. They would have been better off with WSD out there pitching (though from what I've heard from Steven Cheah, WSD never goes near the mound).

Anyways, that's enough #KatieSports from me. I'll defer to the expert here, but pretty sure Castellani is on to something. Getting good vibes from this squad. 

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