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Suri The Rescued Husky From Cedar Rapids Was In Puppy Bowl X And Probably Dominated


CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa – Suri, a Siberian Husky from Cedar Rapids, will represent Last Hope Animal Rescue this Sunday on Puppy Bowl X. The game airs on the Animal Plant at 2pm. Owner Carl Bromberg was caring for Suri’s mom, Jesse, not knowing she was pregnant. Suri appeared in Jesse’s crate, and Bromberg adopted her. In August, he responded to a casting call for Animal Planet, and Suri was picked to join dogs from all over the country to participate in the bowl, which was filmed last fall in New York City. She’ll be in this Sunday’s starting line-up. Joining Suri in New York was Cici, another rescue dog from Last Hope Animal Rescue. Cici lives in Marion. Both dogs will be at a Puppy Bowl X watch party this Sunday to benefit Last Hope. The event is from 1pm-5pm at Shuey’s Restaurant in Shueyville.

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Never watched a Puppy Bowl before in my life but now I’m probably more excited about it than the Super Bowl.  A bunch of dogs running around playing football looking cute as fuck?  Count me in.  If that doesn’t sound like something you like then there’s a good chance you’re the devil.  As many of you have told me repeatedly, we don’t have pro sports teams in Iowa (except the fact that the two head coaches coached at Iowa State and that Iowa is the reason the Super Bowl will have lights but you already know this. You’re welcome) but a Cedar Rapids dog in the Puppy Bowl?  That’s something I’ll get behind every time.  Not to mention Suri probably went beast mode during the game.  Trucking mother fuckers like Marshawn Lynch, taking home the Puppy Bowl MVP and then getting her pick of whatever male dog she wants.  That’s what we do here in Cedar Rapids.  We dominate Puppy Bowls.


PS- If you live in the Cedar Rapids area and are interested in fostering/adopting a dog you should go to Last Hope Animal Rescue’s website here.  That’s where I got my dog Izzy and she’s the shit.  Probably the coolest dog ever.  We hang out and watch The Big Bang Theory.  Everybody needs a dog.

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Double PS- Who’s that sexy little minx conducting the interview, you ask?  That’s local reporter Nicole Agee.  I’ve been trying to have internet relations with her ever since I started blogging.  She’ll have none of it.  Shuts me down every time (AKA doesn’t ever respond).  The more she plays hard to get the more I love her.

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