Dr. Disrespect Is PISSED At YouTube Gaming And He Doesn't Care Who Knows It

The 2-Time is PISSED at YouTube and took his frustrations right to Twitter.

So why is Doc made at YouTube? Right now, we're in an era where streamers are getting MASSIVE deals for platform exclusivity. Think about Nickmercs making a deal with Twitch or Timthetatman with YouTube - they both got a bag, but in return are now locked into their respective platforms until their contract expires.

Why is Doc in a different position? He's banned on Twitch, it's as simple as that. By being banned on Twitch, he doesn't have much leverage to negotiate a platform deal with YouTube because he doesn't really have anywhere else to go. Yes, he could go to Facebook Gaming, but most streamers don't view the platform as the most exciting option. Certain streamers like StoneMountain have built very successful communities on FB.GG, however Twitch and YouTube are always considered the Top 2 platforms in the industry.

So after Sykunno announced he signed a deal with YouTube, it made Dr. Disrespect erupt.

I certainly understand his frustration - Doc's a top 2 most entertaining streamer and he ain't #2.

Curious to see what happens to the Doc next and if he has an ace up his sleeve to make a move. As time goes on, we'll see how it unfolds.