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LeBron Isn't Like One Of You Dweebs, He's A Real Hoop Head Who Is The First Person To Figure Out Some Guy Named Ja Morant Is A Star

Oh you think you know hoop? Nope. You're just a dweeb. Leave it to guys like LeBron James, who has plenty of time to watch games on TV, and learn a thing or two about Ja Morant. You probably don't even know that name, you dweeb. You think just anyone knows an All-Star, potential All-NBA player and 2nd overall pick is a star? Nope. Just us hoop heads. Rookie of the Year? Nobody pays attention to that, except LeBron. That's how he knows Ja Morant is a star.  

Leave it to LeBron though to go with name calling. I get that he's upset. I would be too if I helped ruin the Lakers and crippled their future for a title that no one seems to actually respect. I mean we already know he sucks as a GM. Whether it was the Shabazz Napier pick and dip or refusing Buddy Hield to take Russ. The man stinks at being a GM. That said, I fucking hate that I agree with him that Ja shouldn't be MIP. He's not even the most improved on his own team. That would be Desmond Bane. 

I just love the image of Bron Bron sitting at home, watching Ja go off and go you know what? Only I can fire off this tweet about dweebs. I'm a real hoop head. Just chill out and enjoy the playoffs while you sit at home man. Fucking dweeb.