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Going Back To Boston Is Always A Surreal Experience

New episode is live in a new set up with no ring light and a poorly planned guest I had to cancel on.  We recapped the trip to Toronto and if One Month Trial Ethan has a future in my crew of misfits.  I went to the Serrano-Taylor fight at MSG Saturday and it was a top 5 sporting event I've been to live.  And then sat courtside for the Celtics with Mr. Ice which is one of my two favorite perks I've gotten through Barstool.  Our guest was Stu Feiner to talk about the huge party he threw this weekend and how he somehow got invited on Spittin Chiclets before I did.  Inside Barstool topics: my Twitter growth since Elon Musk took over, I finally went on MDWOG, Lil Sas vs. Erika on Twitter, meeting Mac Jones, and Corporate Hank. 

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