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I Am The Most Accurate Mock Drafter In The World

When I put this out yesterday morning and I felt pretty good about it. Even though I got duped by a trusted source that Big Cat infiltrated, my data was IMMACULATE. Most mock drafts will be about 6 exact hits and you kind of just hold on for the ride later with trades. Admittedly, I flipped the order of the two Giants first picks with Kayvon Thibodeaux really going #5 and Evan Neal actually going #7 (not vice versa). I also forecasted Charles Cross going #9, but to the wrong team. But after 9 picks this mock was looking mint.

It turns out I hit a few matches later with Kenny Pickett to the Steelers, Kaiir Elam to the Bills, Trevor Penning to the Saints and Jermaine Johnson II to the Jets. Looking at the mock grades this morning I was shocked to see I was 12th overall on the whole internet with my mock.


This was out of 128 professionals who do this for a living. I do Ad Ops and moonlight as a Sr. Jr. Draft Analyst. But then, I noticed the scoring was all wonky. What are all these columns? Based on trades, especially after last night's flea market, I decided to slice it to just player to the correct team. Because if the Bills take Kaiir Elam at #23 and I had that at #25, that should be the most important factor in my mind. So low and behold…

It was an ABSOLUTE BLOODBATH. 16 teams/players associated correctly out of a possible 32! 50% is insane accuracy! Nobody else had more than 11! Best in the world in fact. Across all these whacky metrics I'm the consistently at the top!

That in addition to currently being 7-1 on my props with the potential to be 9-1 by tonight, I am ON FIRE and I'm just going to echo what the people are saying; I deserve a promotion.