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Jose Alvarado And Chris Paul Was Truly A Battle Of Two Elite Assholes That Continued Even After The Suns Won The Series

There are very few things I enjoy more than watching two asshole point guards go at each other. Chris Paul is the elite asshole in the league. Again, I mean this as a compliment. Yes he punched Julius Hodge straight in the junk. Sure, he's been accused of being dirty. But he's also the exact sort of diminutive point guard that you want. That's until Jose Alvarado somehow became a household name this series. Sure, Alvarado was awesome at Georgia Tech, but I'm talking being named as the guy going up and pissing off Chris Paul.

The best part? It didn't stop after the series ended. Look at this quote:

Now listen to this quote by Chris Paul: 

I mean come on, Chris Paul knows his name. There's no doubt in my mind he did it on perfect and good. We should want this. It's fucking hilarious. Chris Paul just wrapped up one of the greatest playoff games we ever saw: 

The man still had to try and one-up Jose Alvarado one more time. I never thought I'd be talking about a battle between these two but that's the beauty of the playoffs. You never know who is going to be a dude. Herb Jones has been good all year and became something a little more in the playoffs. The Pelicans young group vs the Suns and it was an entertaining as hell series. 

But this was truly a battle of elite assholes. Gonna give the Suns bonus points though.