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In The Biggest Moment In Spittin Chiclets History, They Got To Announce The Name Of The New Las Vegas Lacrosse Team With Wayne Gretzky

The Chiclets fellas released a new episode today with Wayne Gretzky. He is a former hockey player who is now part of the ownership group along with Joe Tsai, Steve Nash and Dustin Johnson who own the NLL expansion team in Las Vegas. Up until today, the team was still without a name. But that all changed when the official announcement was made on this episode of Chiclets. 

Introducing the Las Vegas Desert Dogs. 

Giphy Images.

I couldn't be happier for the boys. You think about how much time and effort they put into the show. Countless hours of prep and work and editing and making sure that they are providing the listeners with an incredible product week in and week out. The episodes, the Sandbaggers, the Chiclets Cups, I mean I honestly don't know a group of guys who work harder and deserve more than the Chiclets crew. So the fact that they got to make the official announcement for the new NLL team name is amazing. And sure, I guess having Wayne Gretzky on the show is also a pretty decent achievement. 

Waterdogs announced on PMT. Desert Dogs announced on Chiclets. Barstool is undisputedly the home of canine related lacrosse teams, and that's a cold hard fact.