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This Old Tweet Resurfacing Confirms That Ben Simmons Is An Even Bigger Coward Than We All Thought

I know we're not exactly breaking news here by calling Ben Simmons a coward, but look at this tweet again: 

That tweet wasn't even two years ago! I know everyone makes the same lame joke about how 2020 feels that long ago, but we're talking two seasons. Let me remind everyone I fucking hate the Celtics. This isn't a rag on the Nets because the Celtics won. This series was hell for me and the majority of Knicks fans. But I'm a basketball fan. I know my hot take is I like watching the best basketball players play. I prefer seeing the best of the best at all times. Crazy, I know. 

Ben Simmons is a fucking coward. The dude is one of the best defenders in the NBA. He can change a game. He got his wish and got out of Philly. Now he's out here ducking game 4 when that was the plan all along? Fuck that dude. Have a competitive spirit one time for me. No wonder you went to LSU (we'll ignore his godfather being on staff there) and missed the NCAA Tournament. Dude has no winning desire. 

Even this tweet from Coley sums it up perfectly 

It's true. Broke up the Simmons/Embiid Process team. Helped the Bucks win a title because who knows what happens if they play the Sixers instead of the Hawks. It brought Harden to the Sixers. All this fallout because Ben Simmons is a fucking coward. That's the only way to describe it. If you have a winning desire you shoot that layup. Maybe you miss it, but you take the fucking shot. 

Now you have a chance to help your team avoid a sweep and you're not even in the building. I don't care if you can only give 5 minutes during the game. You go give 5 fucking minutes. Those 5 minutes might win you game 4 and then see what happens. And you know what? He's getting rightfully dragged for not playing or showing up.