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Bo Bichette's Gland Slam Provided The Blue Jays With Another Electric Moment

I fucking love the Toronto Blue Jays this year. I'm going to leave out that I had money on the spread tonight, and Bichette's grand slam put that on ice. We're going to ignore that for a second. What matters more is seeing good baseball, and these Blue Jays provide us with a lot of good baseball. This team is so freaking good, and they are so goddamn fun. There is almost a 2004 Red Sox type of vibe to them. They don't take themselves too seriously, yet they're beating good teams every time I turn around. I'm obviously a diehard Detroit Tigers fan. Anyone who has been following my content knows that to be true. But I root for storylines, and the Blue Jays, in my opinion, are a team to watch this season. This lineup has the potential to be an all-time good. George Springer, Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Lourdes Gurriel Jr., Matt Chapman, and tonight's hero Bo Bichette make up a lineup full of guys capable of hitting 30+ bombs a year. 

I had somebody in my mentions the other day asking if the Tigers would be willing to take Bo Bichette off their hands. To answer that question, YES. At the same time, I wonder what that guy is thinking right now. I understand Bichette has been in a slump, but the guy is an All-Star shortstop. I know it's not easy to be patient, especially for a team with such high expectations, but 30 GMs out of 30 would take Bichette on their team. If there is even a moment where he's going to break out, it'll be this one.

I'm a Tiger guy through and through, but if somebody asked me to name them one team to watch for the remainder of the season, the Blue Jays would be the group. I've heard mixed things about Rogers Centre as a Ballpark, but when that place is rocking the way it was in the 2015-2016 postseason, it's a tough place to play, and Bichette's salami tonight was further proof that come October, the last place I'm probably going to want to play in the American League is Toronto. They got a squad.