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Eloy Jimenez Gets Carted Off The Field Because God Hates The White Sox

I don't even bother blogging White sox injury news anymore because it'd be like blogging that the sun rose this morning. Every fucking day with them. Giolito, Lynn, Moncada, Pollock, Robert and now Eloy. Plus I'm almost positive I'm missing someone of relevance there. Just too many to remember at this point. 

Oh yeah it just popped into my head... one of their marquis signings of the offseason, Joe Kelly, also started the year on the DL and I'm not even sure if he was healthy when they signed him. And there still might be more I'm missing! 

Idk who's fault it is. I tend to think glass half full and assume their training staff knows what they're doing and this more a classic case of the Baseball Gods punishing the organization for Jerry Reinsdorf being an asshole. But who knows. I just know I have NEVER seen injuries like we have with the White Sox the last two years and it's because of SOMETHING. 

Just a BRUTAL last week of baseball. Pathetic. Bad lineups, bad managing, bad approaches at the dish, Keuchel and VV have been dog shit. Not good. But you reap what you sow. That's what you fucking get for operating under a budget this winter in a year you said you're trying to win a World Series.