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This Throw In The Baysox Game Last Night May Be The Best Throw I've Ever Seen

What the hell kind of wizardry is this? Was this Patrick Mahomes in a Bowie Baysox jersey rolling to his left and uncorking an absolute BOMB through the air? Dylan Harris caught this ball falling away into foul ground and threw it across his body all the way home. You can see the fence in left says 309 and he catches it well before, so lets say its 290 to home. He doesn't even really set his feet. Catch and chuck. I also don't think I've ever seen a higher throw. This thing was a monster, easily could have cleared a mountain. Dropped it right into the bucket for the catcher to make the tag too. I truly have no idea how he made this throw, it's amazing. I'm not sure if the runner was dogging it at the start too but theres no reason to be thrown out on that. It's tough cuz it's getting caught directly behind him so he can't see it, but you've got to score on that. Unless a picture perfect throw and tag is made like what happened here. I just can't get over how difficult that throw was, absolutely unreal by Harris. How he didn't pull every muscle in his body trying to make the throw is beyond me, this was a true grip it and rip it throw.