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Barstool Carl Scored a TD in the Illinois Spring Game and Pulled Out the Keg Stand Celly

This is what April Big Ten football is all about.

Apparently Illinois let Carl run a play in its spring game and then break out the keg stand in the end zone after it went for a score. At first, I couldn't even find the play anywhere, just a pad-less Carl being held upside-down by a handful of Illini football players. But now the footage is out there — sort of — and it seems like Carl's pass was a pretty good dart.

Obviously I wish we had a better angle, but we know that pass ended in a touchdown and that's good enough for me. You throw for a score in the spring game and you get to break out the keg stand.

I would normally mention something about what a poverty program Illinois must be to be playing its spring game on a Thursday night, but I won't do that. Just happy for my guy Carl getting to live out a dream.