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Person Films A UFO Outside The Window Of Their Airplane And I Have No Idea What It Could Be


So...umm...what the fuck!?

Usually we see these UFO videos and they're trash. Grainy lights in the distance. Every UFO video that goes viral looks like it was filmed with a kaleidoscope in 1992. Not this thing though. This is iphone 13 quality. The type of phone that IG models would use to post high def pictures of their ass with. 

I've watched this like 12 times now and I can't come up with any reasonable answer as to what this thing could be. It is simply an unidentified flying object. It looks like a slow motion version of a humpback whale jumping out of the water at first, but you is thin and 30,000 feet in the air. 

Someone in my twitter replies said it was a dirty window. Okay, pal. Another person said it was likely a fighter jet practicing maneuvers. Really? A fighter jet with only one wing that is basically flying parrallel to the airplane while breaching the cloud cover with only one wing? A fighter jet would get THAT close to a commercial airliner? No. I don't think so. I can't come up with ANY reasonable answer here. It doesn't even look like alien UFOs that I have concocted in my head. 

It is good to see this though. Feels like the world has been so focused on our own planet lately. We have just been so self involved lately. Pandemic this, economy that, world war 3 is coming, blah blah blah. Well what about the aliens? We need aliens now more than ever. A common enemy for us all on Earth to hate. We can't even all agree to hate Putin. We need a slimy green guy with space ships that try to drag race airplanes to get us all unified. This could be an inspiring step forward if we start blasting these fuckers out of the sky.