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Name This Boy Band

In fear of divulging shit that I'm not sure I'm allowed to divulge, I'll keep this blog short. Today Barstool Chicago partook in a photoshoot. Like a real, live actual photoshop with professional camera people, makeup artists, and coaches. Obviously it was meant to be sorta in jest, but at the same time we took it completely and totally seriously. We are models now. 

But what we really need is a name for the boy band we're about to start. Chief can be the drummer that nobody actually gives a shit about, Eddie the bassist that does mountains of blow, Carl the lead singer that alienates himself from the rest of the band, and me the lead guitarist with a crippling addiction to opiates that has 8-12 bastard children running around.

Twitter inundated us with suggestions like "Chief and the Receding Hairlines", "69 Degrees", and "4 lard asses" but I know the comment section can do better. 

The floor is yours.