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The Suspect From Yesterday’s Subway Shooting In Brooklyn Has Been Arrested

Good news coming out of the city after a scary 24+ hours. Frank James has been arrested after being declared a suspect in yesterday’s shooting in a Brooklyn subway despite being a needle in the gigantic haystack of humans in New York City. Even with all the technology, manpower, and potential tipsters, I’m always amazed when a suspect gets caught this quickly.

Speaking of which, for all the shit New York City takes for being a tough town, I was amazed to see New Yorkers band together and help each other out during the chaos yesterday morning. We often joke about how New Yorkers can put on a 1000 yard stare and ignore some street performer twerking in their face because this crazy place has completely filled our senses. But once some really shit pops off, everyone awakes and springs to action. You love to see it as much as you love to see the suspect get locked up a day later, which will hopefully ease the minds of the millions of people that commute daily just a little bit.

Stay safe and stay sane out there everyone.