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Gilbert Gottfried Has Passed Away At Age 67

Gottfried was indisputably one of the most recognizable voices maybe ever. You could be three rooms away but if you heard his voice on the TV you knew who exactly it was. Aladdin and TMNT are roles of his that stood out to me as a kid. As an adult, its Problem Child and his Aristocrats pivot at the roast of Hugh Hefner. 

Think about that. He was not only one of the crudest insult comedians in the world but he was also a prolific voice in children's TV and movies! The only guy I can think that had a similar sort of dual-use in entertainment is the late, great Bob Saget. 

If you wanna learn more about him as a person, I'd recommend watching the documentary on his life, Gilbert, on Peacock. 

Alternatively, check out his roasting highlight reel: 


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