Anyone Who Complains About Yankee Stadium Dimensions Is An Idiot Who Doesn't Know Baseball

Baseball returned to Yankee Stadium this weekend which meant it was also the return of loser idiot cry babies complaining about how Yankee Stadium is a "Little League ballpark." The above screenshot is just a small snippet of the many many many tweets this weekend. And I've had enough of it. 

If you're complaining about the dimensions at Yankee Stadium, you might as well just admit that you're a moron who doesn't know baseball and can't actually argue about the game intelligently. It's the most overused, tired, and flat out incorrect excuse in the book. Here is the layout of Yankee Stadium dimensions. 

Definitely shallow down the lines but it's not nearly as hitter friendly elsewhere. And the stats actually back that up. 

This shows that Yankee Stadium is actually more PITCHER friendly than hitter friendly. It's ranked as the 17th most hitter friendly park in the majors. Those idiot Red Sox fans who like to complain about Yankee Stadium more than anyone actually have the second most hitter friendly park in the majors. It's like they forget the Green Monster is a double machine that's only 310 feet down the line and the Pesky Pole is a mere 302 feet down the line. Them acting like they play in Petco when they have a fucking circus stadium is laughable. 

But let's ignore all those stats above that show Yankee Stadium isn't some whiffle ball stadium like people say. Let's say it is in fact a Little League ballpark where it's way to easier to hit home runs. Why do people only talk about it as if it's a huge advantage to Yankee hitters and not mention what a disadvantage it is to Yankee pitchers??? They act like Yankee hitters come up with these dimensions and then the fences move 30 feet back once the other team gets up. 

The Yankees play 81 games in this stadium but that's also 81 times an opponent is playing against them with the exact same dimensions!!! So if you're going to claim it's so easy for the Yankees to hit home runs then also say how easy it is for Yankee pitchers to give them up. They're playing on the exact same field. 

It infuriates me so much anytime someone brings it up. A lot of it comes from Boston fans who are just programmed to hate anything Yankees. And a lot of it comes from Mets fans who are small brained, sewer rat creatures who don't know anything about baseball to begin with. Anyone who uses the excuse that Yankees Stadium is a Little League ballpark is just telling on themselves for being a dumb baseball fan who has nothing else to say in their argument. 

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