Solid Work Day: Jrue Holiday Started The Game And Played Just 8 Seconds In Order To Hit A $306,000 Bonus

Without a doubt these last games of the year - for any sport - tend to be hilarious. Why? Because you start doing money games and figuring out playoff games. It's beautiful. Whether it's games played, 3pt percentage, rushing yards, you name it, every player knows where they stand. Sure they are millionaires but an extra 300k? That's not chump change. If Jrue doesn't want it, I'll happily take it. 

So what does he do?

Checks in, plays 8 seconds and foul. Decent work day. You can get a lot done in 8 seconds. Complete step 1 in having a kid, make $300k, listen to that Jake Owen song. But hell, look at the bench here. 

They knew it. You applaud a man for finding loop holes and still collecting that bonus money. He did precisely what he was said to do in his contract. Shit, he helped them win a title so you could double that bonus money and it'd be worth it. 

Get that money Jrue.