The 'Inner Circle Scoop' On Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez's 2nd Engagement From Someone Who Got Tricked Into Joining Her Newsletter

So I have a really exciting and special story to share, um, so if you're not part of my inner circle, um, you have to go onto to hear the story. Uh, I don't know if you guys know what that is but it's my inner circle where I share my more personal things, and um, this one's definitely *on the JLo*.

Wait, what the hell? Fine. I'll journey over there to see what's happening.

Oh Goddamnit, you have to sign up for this? Fine. Anything for the blog.

Alright, submitted.




I'm in! I'm in JLo's inner circle!!!!!



Let's see what all the fuss is about. 

Oh. It's not access to a special website, it's an email newsletter that I'm signed up for but at least we're buddies now. Ah, then the newsletter has you click a link to a Vimeo that alludes to being an engagement announcement. The 'early Valentine's present from Ben' must be the proposal! Sold, I'm clickin'!

..but ah, nope, it's just the music video Ben Affleck made for her for Valentine's Day, which is old news. (It's a bunch of black & white behind the scenes footage of him smoking cigs on the set of Goodwill Hunting ('97) intermixed with her singing & then a photo slideshow of sorts that take you through their history together (they met on the set of '01's Gigli and were engaged once before) and it ends with them as a couple now and I have to admit it did make me feel actual feelings even though I've been tricked into joining a newsletter at this point, but.. where the hell is the engagement announcement they're teasing that I'm trying to blog?)

I even went back to read the whole newsletter 2 more times (just beauty tips, and I learned she prefers dancing over singing & acting) & then watched the end of the video again to double check, and I don't see a ring anywhere??


But all the news stories I'm reading are saying this website of hers, which is actually a newsletter, is where she unveils the engagement news. I thought I was part of her inner circle now so why can't I find it? At this point I've tried 10 different variations of her name to find an actual website. Am I an idiot? (Yes.) Hoping to hear back from her soon since I seem so normal and chill. 

I will update the blog when this happens but quite honestly I'm exhausted from this journey now and ohhhhh you just click HERE. Duh.

Here's a Tweet & info from other sites that actually figured it out??

From Vogue UK:

Following their much-publicised reunion during the pandemic, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are engaged once again. J-Lo confirmed the rumours via her newsletter, On The JLo, on 8 April, sharing a video of her green diamond ring with her followers with tears in her eyes [Kate here, what the fuck? why am I not seeing the ring/engagement video? Just went back to triple check AGAIN and I feel like a moron at this point and now I'm stuck in her inner circle but still out of the loop somehow and it's really getting my Saturday off to a rough start.]. While emeralds have been growing in popularity among brides-to-be in recent years (see Megan Fox’s moi et toi style, for example), a green-hued diamond is particularly special – considered one of the rarest types of fancy diamond.

Maybe at this point you're thinking, "what the fuck did I just read?" Well good. That's how I felt trying to sort through it all. I'm sure Chicks In The Office will have all the actual inside scoops this coming week. In the meantime, though I was not fooled by the rocks that she's got, I was fooled into her mailing list when I thought I was going to be an actual member of her inner circle. I am bitterly holding off on my congratulations for now.