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Grambling State Hired a New Volleyball Coach Who Promptly Cut Literally the Entire Roster

KSLA — In a bold move, Grambling State University’s new head volleyball coach has decided to cut the entire team. The team was notified about the change in the roster during the first week in April.

Coach Chelsey Lucas was hired in February to lead the volleyball team. Now, some are calling the move unprecedented after all 19 players were released from the team Monday, April 4. Many are now asking why.

GSU Athletics Communications Director Brian Howard says athletic program leaders knew Coach Lucas would be making some changes to the roster, but he did not know to what extent. He says the move was not previously discussed, which is okay because changes like these are at the coach’s discretion. According to players, on Monday, the coach called individual meetings with each player and told them their scholarships would not be renewed.

Look, say what you want to about Chelsey Lucas, but you can't say she didn't walk right into Grambling State and establish a culture. Is she a little too cutthroat? Maybe. Is she making any friends off the bat? Probably not. But she took that job and immediately established dominance in a way I've never seen before.

There's a reason the previous coach isn't there anymore and Lucas made sure none of the players who led to the former regime's demise will do the same to her. That's a power move if nothing else. Now maybe telling potential incoming players your scholarship could be revoked at the drop of a hat just because the coach feels like it isn't the best message to send to recruits, but some people do business differently than others, I guess.

We'll see how many worthwhile players showed up to an open tryout today after the entire roster just got cut.