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Zavier Simpson Finally Playing In The NBA Is Something You Love To See

This is a fantastic story. Zavier Simpson was one of my all-time favorite Michigan basketball players because he's one of the few to prove me wrong. Despite being Mr. Basketball in the state of Ohio in high school, I did not think this guy had what it took to play in the Big Ten, especially after what was an abysmal first year. Derrick Walton had to carry the entire point guard position on his shoulders in 2017 because Simpson was just that bad. A year later, Simpson was the starting point guard in the National Championship game. And while they were limitations to his game (he was never very good jump shooter), his development as a player was always fun to watch. And that hook shot? So beautiful. 

As fun as he was to watch when he was at Michigan, I never thought he would play a game in the NBA. I figured he was too undersized and inconsistent with his jump shot. The NBA is cruel. I've seen elite college basketball players who never sniffed the NBA. But Simpson was always a grinder, and now he's found his way onto an NBA roster after putting up some excellent numbers in the G-League, including a triple-double a few games ago. 

I don't know how long Simpson's stint in the NBA will last. I can't imagine it will be very long, but for a guy who went undrafted out of college and spent the better part of two full seasons in the G-League, it's got to just feel good for Simpson to find his way onto an NBA roster. Not much else to say except "good for him."