Pulling Out Your Investment Portfolio Is Definitely A Sweet Way To Talk To The Ladies At The Bar

First off did I do that title right? Is what this absolute cool cat is showing his newfound lady friend an investment portfolio? I think so? Right? Right? I have no fucking idea as the extent of my stock experience was kind of halted after I gave out Shake Shack to everyone right at the beginning of quarantine (Gave it in the mid $30's and it's now in the mid $60's nbd). Though let's move forward like I was correct on the terminology and talk about what a fucking move this is at the bar and how happy I am this innocent by-standing friend got video of it to post for all of our enjoyment.

I just wish I knew how the conversation started. I really, really, really need to know how the conversation started. I'm not a rich guy nor never will be a rich guy which translates to know idea how something like that would come up though I'd sure love to know. So what if his dad may or may not have given him some money to invest and he may or may not have gotten extremely lucky on some of that, ya know? Does he just slowly work that into conversation? Does he offer to buy her and her friends a bunch of drinks till she asks what he does for a living? I have SO MANY questions. 

And we can't gloss over what a legendary line "5 Mil *points to portfolio*, Under $6 mil" is. Can't beat it.