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Final Four Weekend Was A Kick In The Nuts For Indiana Basketball

Interesting. While the classic blue blood programs were competing in the Final Four, Indiana was figuring out their basketball program. Someone asked me what I thought about Indiana assistant coach Dan Fife leaving the program, and I didn't think too much about it because if you are a successful program assistants cycling in and out happens. BUT, he dipped after only one year. 

Seems like Fife was warning fissure for this earthquake. Thad Matta returns to Butler. Great for Butler Basketball, but I was under the impression Matta's health wouldn't allow him to coach anymore. I like Woodson, but if IU could have had Thad Matta coaching that would have been ideal. Matta has had success at the college level, while Woodson has only seen moderate NBA success. The alumni label trumps all these days, and with Dan Fife, and Matta out the door it's clear this is Mike Woodson's program. 

I'd still put my nuts on the table and die for Woody for making Indiana basketball exciting again, but Woodson and his staff has a looooong way to go to make IU a contender again. Not to mention all this coming out as it's announced IU's late season stand out, senior point guard was arrested last night. Not great.