Smart Move: J. Cole's Dreamville Fest Is Going To Stream UNC/Duke During The Event, Avoids The Dumb Backlash Eric Church Got

Listen, there are two smart moves happening in music right now. One is J. Cole's Dreamville Fest streaming the UNC/Duke game. Now it's also a little different here. The event is in North Carolina. You can't find more people that want to watch Duke/UNC than people in North Carolina. So it's simple. You put up a few massive screens and put on the game. Let people decide if they want to listen to music, watch the game or both. 

Then there's Eric Church: 

Eric Church is probably my favorite musician out there. Big fan. So let me say this. I have ZERO problem with him cancelling a tour event to go to the Final Four. The dude is a diehard UNC fan, even if it pisses me off. He has enough money to go to the event, shit he'll probably sit next to Roy Williams. He also has enough money to cancel one event. Not to mention events get cancelled or postponed all the time. Suck it up, San Antonio. Then again if it was football I bet everyone in Texas would understand. 

I know, I know. People are pissed because they are traveling to San Antonio or booking their night out to see him. Just reschedule it at some point. Let the guy enjoy a game. It's not the 1980s where you can easily not watch the game and watch it on delay. Someone in the front row would probably ruin it. Plus if you want to see Eric Church, you want to see him at his best. He's gonna be worried about the Tar Heels. He'll probably take a break just to check the score. 

But back to J. Cole, I love this move. It's smart. You avoid the backlash that Eric Church is dealing with. You have an out to watch the game. If it's close late, you take a break and all watch the game together. It's basically a watch party.