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HBO Announced The Release Date And Unveiled New Pictures For The Game Of Thrones Prequel "House Of The Dragon"

Alright baby, let's cook (nice dragon pun, Clem)! 

I said on the record of this distinguished smut blog that I am giving The Powers That Be at HBO one shot to make right all the wrongs of the final season of Game of Thrones with this House of the Dragon series after George R.R. Martin gave a thumbs up to it. He never seemed to do that for Benioff & Weiss once they had to make their own ending to the series instead of tracing over Martin's work because that motherfucker REFUSES to finish the books, which led to B&W handling the landing about as well as Jon Snow could handle a dragon. Which is to say poorly.

Giphy Images.

Blogger's Note: This is where would include a gif of Jon flying Rhaegal during The Battle of Winterfell like a pilot flying a plane after a fifth of vodka, but I can't find anything bright enough to put in the blog

Anyway, looking at those pictures with those fancy sounding names got all the feelings flooding back of what it was like being a Thrones fan before the last season or two where there was nothing but great storytelling, awesome characters, incredible CGI mythical creatures, and the occasional T&A drop that made sure you were paying attention. I see no reason we can't get all of that in House of the Dragon, even though a good chunk of that T&A may involve a bunch of incest since the Targaryens get down even dirtier than the front page of PornHub.

I know we're all scarred from Benioff & Weiss Dracarys'ing pretty much every good memory from what would've been the best TV series I ever watched if they stuck the landing. But the fact remains that HBO doesn't put trash in that 9 PM time slot, especially during football season, because playing in that 9 PM slot is like playing center field for the Yankees.

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Thinks about it

Okay, I need to update that analogy. But the suits at HBO are going to need subscribers for HBO MAX or whatever their app will be called in six months and a killer Thrones show will not only bring everyone that left HBO back into the fold but also make Twitter a magical place again where we can all comment on the crazy shit that went down without worrying about spoilers since watching a Thrones series is equal to a live sporting event. Everything is just better when Thrones is cooking. Which is why I am begging the old gods and the new for this show not to suck and even ruin dragons for me.