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Massive Coward Judd Apatow Thinks Will Smith COULD HAVE KILLED Chris Rock

HE COULD HAVE KILLED HIM! That's the funniest thought Apatow's had since he wrote "40 Year Old Virgin" without question. What a gaping puss. It was an open palm slap. If that killed Chris Rock then Chris Rock didn't deserve to be alive in the first place. I've had mosquito bites inflict more damage than that slap. This is specifically why most people don't deserve access to the internet nor the right to vote. If your reaction to Will Smith marching up on stage and cracking Chris Rock in the face was anything but hysterical laughter then you're the problem. You definitely shouldn't be taken seriously and you certainly have no place in the world of comedy.

Why the fuck would Chris Rock call the police??? They requested a police presence???

Cowards, the lot of you. This was hilarious. That's the only human response to have to such a moment. Anything else you don't get to voice an opinion on anything for at least five years.